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  • Snow monkey pass
  • Sighet-seeing train "Express YUKEMURI - Nonbiri Train ~"

Nagano Electric Railway service information

Nagano Line runs as of _ as usual on July 22. Star of the Grand Sumo Tournament that was born from Nagano decided long-cherished first championship at last! The cause that let you gave NAGANO citizen of the prefecture impression and excitement and expect future further leap became. Mitake sea gate, really congratulations!

Comfortable life support business

Railroad, bus taxi

Information of railroad, station
Stand (Nagano Station stand, GONDO stand)
Nagaden Bus
[vehicle maintenance]
NAGADEN technical service

Hotel leisure

[the accommodations]
Nozawa Grand Hotel
Kamibayashi Hotel sen*kaku
[recreation facility]
Jigokudani Wild Monkey park
OBUSE highway oasis


[domestic travel, overseas travel, bus tour]
NAGADEN sightseeing
NAGADEN bus tour

Real estate

[real estate sale, lease]
Nagano Electric Railway real estate Division
Erfolg (apartment mansion shop)
[new house, construction]
NAGADEN construction

Car life

[auto sales]
NAGANO Mitsubishi Motor Sales
[car inspection, service station]
North sincerity rice oil


[insurance against loss, life insurance]
Nagano Electric Railway Insurance Department
NAGADEN swimming school
[nursing facility]
House for elderly people with service
NAGADEN Hartnett club


NAGADEN parking


[traffic advertisement]
Nagano Electric Railway advertising department
Resort information magazine "The NAGANO"