• "2018 NAGADEN wine trains" to swallow up north Shinshu, and to eat
  • Trip of Kitashinano wine valley train
  • Under reserved train reservation acceptance
  • Sighet-seeing train "Express YUKEMURI - Nonbiri Train ~"

Nagano Electric Railway service information

Nagano Line runs as of _ as usual on November 15. In addition, it runs at reduced speed in some sections by track construction. Therefore train may be delayed. We cause customer trouble very much, but I would like understanding and cooperation.

Comfortable life support business

Railroad, bus taxi

Information of railroad, station
Stand (Nagano Station stand)
Nagaden Bus
[vehicle maintenance]
NAGADEN technical service

Hotel leisure

[the accommodations]
Nozawa Grand Hotel
Kamibayashi Hotel sen*kaku
[recreation facility]
Jigokudani Wild Monkey park
OBUSE highway oasis


[domestic travel, overseas travel, bus tour]
NAGADEN sightseeing
NAGADEN bus tour

Real estate

[real estate sale, lease]
Nagano Electric Railway real estate Division
Erfolg (apartment mansion shop)
[new house, construction]
NAGADEN construction

Car life

[auto sales]
NAGANO Mitsubishi Motor Sales
[car inspection, service station]
North sincerity rice oil


[insurance against loss, life insurance]
Nagano Electric Railway Insurance Department
[care, the welfare, healthy business]
NAGADEN wellness
House for elderly people with service


NAGADEN parking


[traffic advertisement]
Nagano Electric Railway advertising department
Resort information magazine "The NAGANO"