North sincerity rice oil

Company Overview

North sincerity rice oil

We write as oil of rice and read with beiyu. What sold oil products which we imported from the United States (the United States) does by opening. We register a trademark of French VIEUX (tradition) in service mark now and use. North sincerity rice oil is company which grew up with area. With ... town which developed in that way where there was new flow that new way was done, it developed step by step. Sincerity 7 store now northeastern as for the SS of Esso. As local first shop, we have all warm trust.
It is oasis that can draw breath relievedly, SS as local communication space as well as refueling and maintenance of car that north sincerity rice oil aims. We like person. We like encounter. One one of many people and the conversations to exchange is our nutrition every day. We continue suggesting this nutrition from fuel which is energy of living to comfortable living itself including paint, house apparatus product, insurance as the cause.
The origin is wish to want to approach to local person more and yet more.

Establishment August 5, 1949
Capital 11,600,000 yen
Business outline Oil products sale (service station) car inspection maintenance / house connection
Apparatus sale construction / paint sale / damage, life insurance land, building lease business
The number of employees 84 people

Contact information

Head office 〒381-0012 2551, Yanagihara, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-295-2317
FAX 026-295-2021
House apparatus part 〒381-0012 2551, Yanagihara, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-480-2121
Delivery center 〒381-2203 709-1, Miyajima, Mashimamachikawai, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-283-5656
Paint part 〒380-0803 1-1-13, Miwa, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-215-8311
NAGANO SS 〒380-0935 4-10-5, Nakagosho, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-226-2384
Nishiwada SS 〒381-0044 1-3-37, Nakagoe, Nagano-shi
TEL 026-243-4873
Seven-Eleven & Esso express
Nagano Univ. Street SS
〒380-0816 Miwa, Nagano-shi Takei 1303-3
TEL 026-235-5670
Esso express Ueda SS 〒386-0018 2-10-8, Tokida, Ueda-shi
TEL 0268-22-1540
New Komoro SS 〒384-0801 3169, Nakayachi, Kou, Komoro-shi
TEL 0267-22-2117
Mure SS 〒389-1206 951, Fukouji, Iizuna-machi
TEL 026-253-2123