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The location 〒380-0833
2201, Gondocho, Nagano-shi, Nagano
GONDO yeast plaza ND 4F
Business outline Insurance against loss agency, duties about offer of life insurance
Undertaking insurance company afurakku, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, Tokio Marine & Nichido relief life, Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Generals Ins.
Business hours From 8:50 to 17:35
Holiday Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays

Our department recommends specific insurance company.

  • Reason to recommend Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance
    Because we have compensation contents passing to many aspects, and, in us, much number of the contracts and insurances can provide substantial customer service after the contract from the results for accident for many years as offer agency.
  • Reason to recommend afurakku
    Because because we have substantial product of the third field affecting cancer, medical security, and there are sale, the payment results for many years many as offer agency in us, we can provide substantial customer service after the contract.

Information for recommended product

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance

Insurance of car, insurance (fire, earthquake) of house or insurance, insurance of trip, leisure, super insurance (lesser being Yasuichi figure insurance)
<insurance to pour on the Internet>
※We access from the following QR code, and we contract, and application for insurance to pour on the Internet is completed

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance

A little seaweed insurance (daily automobile insurance)

Automobile insurance that you can join by 24 hours unit to borrow car of parent and friend, and to compensate for accident while driving

A little seaweed insurance (daily automobile insurance)
  • Premium is 24 hours
    From 500 yen!

    Participation is OK as much as it is necessary!

  • We join

    It discounts automobile insurance up to 20% newly according to the use days when we contract if without an accident!

  • With smartphone
    We can apply anytime!

QR code: A little seaweed insurance (daily automobile insurance)

At first we register in advance!

In participation of seaweed insurance, prior registration of driver information is slightly necessary for smartphone! Application reads QR code, and please access

e golfer insurance

Want to prepare for refreshing golf; is at unexpected risk!

e golfer insurance
  • Of you

  • We fight against third party
    Compensation responsibility

  • Of golf article
    The damage

  • Hole in one ・
    Albatross expense
    (we compensate only for the country)

QR code: e golfer insurance

Application reads QR code, and please access

e cycle insurance

Cases to lead to the death and large amount of compensation by bicycle accident increase!

e cycle insurance
  • Bicycle accident for approximately five minutes 20 seconds
    It occurs at the rate of one

  • We exceed 90 million yen to assailant of accident
    As for the case that compensation for damages order was over!

QR code: e cycle insurance

Application reads QR code, and please access

Tokio Marine & Nichido fire <offer document number>: 17-T08289
<making time> : January 29 (190129)


Because it is afurakku which opened up "insurance to live" to base by the results that we cultivated in cancer insurance, there is relief not to change that we can send.

  • afurakku and medical insurance EVER to meet Medical insurance to guarantee medical insurance EVER disease, injury to meet properly throughout the life. It is prepared for three major illness (cancer, acute myocardial infarction, stroke) by going to hospital (in the case of plan that there is going to hospital in) and special contract before and after hospitalization carefully.
  • Cancer insurance Days to give life to afurakku newly ■In addition to cancer insurance Days1 diagnosis benefit to live, it is cancer insurance to guarantee hospitalization and going to hospital, cancer treatment including three major treatment (operation, radiation, anticancer agent) widely.
  • afurakku salary support insurance ■Salary support insurance When we do not work by predetermined home care, hospitalization due to disease and injury is insurance supporting salary of months for benefit to be able to receive every month.

afurakku <offer document number>: AFH056-2017-5012 January 29 (190129)
<making time> : December, 2017

Tokio Marine & Nichido relief life

Medical insurance that is included for hospitalization for disease and injury throughout the life
We offer simple plan clearly. Addition is in ambulatory insurance after discharge before hospitalization with option and, in addition to "hospitalization and operation" "advanced medical care", can only hold.

Tokio Marine & Nichido relief life

We can easily apply from the Internet, smartphone.
↓For more details, please click the following↓

Tokio Marine & Nichido relief life medical Kit NEO

We recommend product of the following insurance companies in consideration of convenience of characteristic of the Internet and customer in insurance products which are available for contract procedure on the Internet.

  • Medical insurance: Tokio Marine & Nichido relief life insurance

※This homepage introduced summary of undertaking insurance company (and life insurer) which Nagano Electric Railway Insurance Department handled some products. As handling product, compensation (security) contents, undertaking condition vary according to undertaking insurance companies, in contract, please well read "brochure" "contract summary" "information to alert" "bookmark, article of contract" by all means. When you have any questions, please contact Nagano Electric Railway Insurance Department.


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