Nagano Electric Railway Q&A

Frequently asked questions.

Q1. Is limited express train has to be reserved?


Limited express train of Nagano Electric Railway is all unreserved seat except private room seat of "Snow monkey". Please note that available seats of "A" limited express may be limited (except a train originates from Suzaka Station), due to whole one car of a train is reserved with "one car reservation service. .
In the case of ride, please buy limited express ticket (100 yen for adults / 50 yen for children).

Q2. Is fare necessary for 5-year-old child?


Child who is under 6 years old (including 6-year-old child of preschool age) of "infant" treat.
The fare becomes free for up to 2 "infants" when "adult" or "children" is accompanied by "infant". In addition, "children" fare is necessary when unaccompanied "infant" takes a train. Please see the next case.

Number of people Necessary fare
1 "adult" + 1 "infant" For 1 "adult"
1 "adult" + 3 "infants" For 1 "adult" + 1 "children"
2 "infants" only For 2 "children"

Therefore, when you are accompanied by under 5-year-old child, the fare for the child is not necessary.

Baby Under 1 year old
Infant 1 year old or older and less than 6 years old
Children 6 years old or older (6-years-old child of preschool age is "infant") and less than 12 years old.
Adult 12 years old or older (12-years-old elementary school child is "child")

Q3. Where can we buy unlimited ride ticket?


In Nagano Electric Railway, it releases free-to-ride "NAGADEN unlimited ride ticket" (for /1 day for 2nd) in train of Nagano Electric Railway.
You can purchase the ticket at only stations below,Nagano Station, Gondo Station, Suzaka Station, Obuse Station, Shinshu-Nakano Station, Yudanaka Station.
Please purchase the ticket on the day of the use. It is very convenient ticket to look around each places along the line slowly. Please enjoy.
For more details, please see the following pages.


Q4. Please tell about transfer at Nagano Station.


①You go out the wicket, and please advance to "Yoshimitsu Teraguchi" of right hand direction if you arrive at Nagano Station in Shinkansen, JR conventional line, Shinano Railway Co.,ltd.

②With stairs of the right hand per passage stab or escalator, please fall in the station square on the first floor.

③There is escalator which goes down on the right hand to basement when we appear in the station square. Nagano Electric Railway wicket got off escalator in basement; is on the left.

In addition, transfer time is approximately ten minutes including time for ticket purchase.

Q5. Do you accept credit card when I purchase commuter pass?


Credit card is available only Nagano Station, Suzaka Station and Shinshu-Nakano Station.
The available credit card is DC, VISA, Master, JCB, American Express and Diners Club.
Please note that credit card is useable only for payment of a commuter pass. it is not useable for payment of nomal ticket, coupon ticket and other tickets.