Station information [Nagano Station]



Basic information

Nagano Station
The location 〒380-0823 1-25, Minamichitose, Nagano-shi
Phone number 026-226-2681
The business start date June 24, 1928 (Showa 3)

It is in the basement of Zenkoji Exit side of JR Nagano Station. It is connected directly with the east exit of JR Nagano Station, Nagano Tokyu Department Store and station building MIDORI in a underground passage. Escalator which linked underground passage to ground of Zenkoji Exit on February 16, 2015 was installed, and transfer became convenient. Transfer time with Shinkansen, JR Line, Shinano Railway is about ten minutes including time for ticket purchase.

Facility information

Manned station
Manned station
There are station attendants.
It is outside a ticket gate
300 yen - 500 yen
(It is available during station business hours)
Baggage temporary custody possibility
Baggage temporary custody possibility
Parking lot
Parking lot
(pay-by-the-hour contract on a monthly-fixed amount)
TEL: 026-227-7896
AED setting
AED setting

Traffic information

The groud entrance to the ticket gate
You can go on the ground by nearby elevator of the station. Please ask a station attendant for more information.
The ticket gate to platform
We install elevator for barrier-free

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information


Route bus

Number, the line name Route
1.East Nagano Hospital Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Tokuma Nishi - East Nagano Hospital
2.Sansai Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Sansai Station - Yanagihara
3.Asakawa-nishijo Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Wakatsuki Danchi - Asakawa-nishijo
4.Mayumida, Sansai Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Mayumida - Sansai Station - Yanagihara
7.Nagano sports park Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Nagano Chuo police station - Nagano sports park
8.Yashima, Suzaka Line Nagano Station - Takada - M-WAVE - Yashima - Inoue - Suzaka Station
8.Yashima, Suzaka, Watauchi, Yashima Line Nagano Station - Takada - M-WAVE - Yashima - Shimizu - Watauchi Station
9.Hirabayashi Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Hirabayashi - Kitaowaribe - Nagano Municipal Hospital - Yanagihara
12.Yoshimura, Mure Line Nagano Station - Hongo Station - Uki - Yoshida - Wakatsuki agricultural cooperative - Yoshimura - Mure
14.Mamejima Hoshina Onsen Line Nagano Station - SHIYAKUSYOMAE - Minamimata - Mamejima Todan place ... young ear housing complex - Hoshina hot spring
15.Nagano Red Cross Hospital Line East exit of Nagano Station - Nagano Red Cross Hospital - Mizuno Museum of Art - Arcs center

Express bus

Number, the line name Route
Shiga Kogen Line East exit of Nagano Station - Hasuike ... high sky ka original ... Ichinose - depths Shiga Kogen
East exit of Nagano Station - Hasuike - Kuma-no-Yu, Hotaru Onsen (Suzurikawa) - Shirone volcano

Express bus


TEL: 026-241-3255

Information around Nagano Station

Public facilities

The highlight

  • Zenkoji Temple
    Zenkoji Temple is famous as a large temple which is constracted of Daikanjin, Daihongan, and 39 minor Zen temples. "We are led by cow, and visit to Zenkoji" is famous nationwide. The main image(original statue) is usually hidden and it is shown to the public once a 7 years for a few weeks. it takes 15 minutes by bus. Or taking Nagano Line(6 minutes) and get off a train at Zenkojishita Station, then walk for 20 minutes.
  • Saikoji Temple
    Old historic temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism in temple town of Zenko-ji got close to in the name of "Karukaya mountain." It prospered as temple where people of Zenko-ji prayer dropped in at by all means. It takes 7-minute on foot.
  • Mizuno Museum of Art
    It takes 10 minutes by bus.