Each station information [Shinano-Takehara Station]

shinanotakehara SHINANOTAKEHARA


Basic information

Shinano-Takehara Station
The location 1813, Takehara, Nakano-shi
Phone number -
The business starting date April 28, 1927 (Showa 2)
Remarks Unmanned station

It is unmanned station among vineyards. Wooden construction station building of the time when SHINSHUNAKANO - Yuda middle started a business by name of Nagano Electric Railway peace line (hiraosen) in 1927 just remains. It is unmanned station, but facility reminding me of the time when we ever handled freight remains in the large station yard, and nostalgic atmosphere drifts now. It is a 3-minute walk to the first shooting point "night Segawa bridge" in Nagano Electric Railway.

Facility information

Unmanned station automatic ticket machine nothing
Unmanned station automatic ticket machine nothing
You have you just take, and please pay the difference when you go down station. On use of limited express train, please demand ticket from conductor in the inside of car.
Parking lot
Parking lot
Month-to-month parking
Properties administration department of Nagano Electric Railway
TEL: 026-232-8129
Bicycle parking lot
Bicycle parking lot

Traffic information

Entrance to platform
Outbound platform: Traffic with wheelchair by slope is possible.
Inbound platform: There are stairs. There is not setting a ramped entrance.

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information

Route bus

  • Nagaden Bus

    Nearest bus stop "Takehara:" It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from the station square to the Route 403 area to bus stop

Number, the line name Route
4.Sedge line Nakano Station - senfukuji - kestrel housing complex - Takehara - Yudanaka Station - ear wave agricultural cooperative - sedge


TEL: 0269-22-2108

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