Each station information [Shinshu-Nakano Station]

shinsyunakano SHINSHUNAKANO


Basic information

Shinshu-Nakano Station
The location 1-1, Nishi, Nakano-shi
Phone number 0269-22-2244
The business starting date March 26, 1923 (Taisho 12)

Facility information

Manned station
Manned station
There are station attendants.
It is outside of a ticket gate.
Baggage temporary custody possibility
Baggage temporary custody possibility
It is 300 yen per 1baggage a day
Parking lot
Parking lot
Nakano station square parking
(contract on a monthly-fixed amount)
Park-and-ride discount existence
For more details, please see homepage
Properties administration department of Nagano Electric Railway
TEL: 026-232-8129
AED setting
AED setting
Bicycle parking lot
Bicycle parking lot

Traffic information

The groud entrance to the ticket gate
We install elevator for barrier-free
The ticket gate to platform
We install elevator for barrier-free

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information

Route bus

Number, the line name Route
1.Kambayashi Line Nakano Station - Nakamachi - Haramachi - park kita - Yudanaka Station - Kambayashi Onsen
2.Tategahana Line Nakano Station - Yoshida - Ebe - Angenji - Tategahana Station
3.Nagata, pro-river line Nakano Station - Angenji - Kaesa Station (JR Iiyama Line connection) - Nagata - pro-river
4.Sedge line Nakano Station - senfukuji - Takehara Station - ear wave agricultural cooperative - sedge / Nakano Station - senfukuji - Takehara Station - Yudanaka Station
5.Gocho Line Nakano Station - Nagamine Danchi - Higashikasahara - Godocyosya(joint government building) Komaki - Iiyama Station (JR Line cnection)
6.Nakano Kijima line School - Yanagisawa - Kijima - Japan Red Cross - Iiyama Station out of Nakano Station - Wakamiya (or Wakamiya public hall) - high company

Express bus


TEL: 0269-22-2108

Information around Nagano Station

Public facilities

The highlight

  • Ippongi rose park
    Ippongi park which becomes space of civic rest is famous as park of flower. Roses of 570 kinds of 1,200 collected from all over the world are planted in garden and meet coming person at bloom and kana. "nakano rose festival" is held from late May through mid-June and does well in particular every year at this time. A 20-minute walk.
  • Higashiyama-koen Park
    Called the Higashiyama whole area that spread through the west of duck ka take saying it was saying "we do not put" and citizen's have been got close. "We do not put" has venerable old temple and is considered to be sacred place. It is mountain with important oldness to be able to taste beauty of the four seasons. There is trace of heroic Yamashiro whom powerful family Takanashi of Kitashinano built on the mountaintop of duck ka take for the age of civil strife and is appointed to prefectural history trace with Takanashi building trace. A 25-minute walk.
  • Takanashi building trace
    Takanashi Castle took part in Tamekage Nagao (father of Kenshin) of (1510) Echigo in 1510 in glory years of Masamori Takanashi and we defeated the enemy general and took war to Uonuma hundreder Morihara. It is said that we constructed a castle in before and after that returned in triumph to Shinshu after the war. It is park valuing historic atmosphere in basic concept by "city park maintenance as place of rest with historic atmosphere" in Takanashi building trace park maintenance. A 20-minute walk.
  • The Nakano encampment, prefectural office Memorial
    In August, 1868, Nakano encampment was abolished, and Ina prefecture Nakano branch office was put here using this building. In September, 3, branch office was promoted to the prefectural office by establishment of Nakano prefecture. Nakano prefectural government office was appointed on historic spot of prefecture as precious historic spot in 1964 in knowing local administration of the Meiji early years. There are stone wall, well from the encampment era, Inari Corporation trace here now. Indication tower of "former Nakano prefectural government office trace" stands in front of the entrance. A 14-minute walk.
  • Forest culture park with Kitashinano oldness
    it takes 15 minutes by bus.
  • The Shinpei Nakayama Memorial
    it takes 15 minutes by bus.
  • Temple enshrining the Goddess of Mercy Kannondo
    A 30-minute walk
  • Mayama hot spring pompokono hot water
    Bus 20 minutes
  • Jorakuji
    A 20-minute walk
  • Japanese clay idol museum
    A 30-minute walk
  • Beach Tsu ka pond Park
    it takes 15 minutes by bus.
  • All things are unsubstantial, formless Great Teacher shrine dedicated to a religious sect's founder
    A 30-minute walk