Station information [Shiyakushomae Station]



Basic information

Shiyakushomae Station
The location 1120-5, Tsuruga-Morishita, Nagano-shi
Phone number 026-228-7980
The business starting date June 24, 1928 (Showa 3)

Facility information

Manned station
Manned station
There are station attendants.
Opening hour of North Exit : during operating time for train (from the first train to the last train).
Opening hour of South exit : from 7:00am to 10:00am on weekdays only. Please note that South Exit closes on Saturday, Sunday and National holidays. It also closes between December 30th to January 3rd.
It is inside of a ticket gate.

Traffic information

The ground entrance to platform
There are stairs. There is not setting a ramped entrance.

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information

Route bus

Number, the line name Route
1.East Nagano Hospital Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Tokuma Nishi - East Nagano Hospital
2.Sansai Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Sansai Station - Yanagihara
3.Asakawa-nishijo Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Wakatsuki Danchi - Asakawa-nishijo
4.Mayumida, Sansai Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Mayumida - Sansai Station - Yanagihara
7.Nagano sports park Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Nagano Chuo police station - Nagano sports park
8.Yashima, Suzaka Line Nagano Station - Takada - M-WAVE - Yashima - Inoue - Suzaka Station
9.Hirabayashi Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Hirabayashi - Kitaowaribe - Nagano Municipal Hospital - Yanagihara
12.Yoshimura, Mure Line Nagano Station - Hongo Station - Uki - Yoshida - Wakatsuki agricultural cooperative - Yoshimura - Mure
14.Mamejima Hoshina Onsen Line Nagano Station - SHIYAKUSYOMAE - Minamimata - Mamejima Todan place ... young ear housing complex - Hoshina hot spring


TEL: 026-241-3255

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