Station information [Suzaka Station]

suzaka SUZAKA

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Basic information

Suzaka Station
The location 1288-2, Suzaka, Suzaka-shi
Phone number 026-245-0317
The business starting date June 10, 1922 (Taisho 11)

In Nagano Electric Railway, the history is the oldest and is central station of railroad. In site of station, there are vehicle factories other than Transport Section, Development Section, boarding ward.
There is displays mini-section such as good old railroad goods in station concourse. In addition, in front of wicket, we sell local special product at a bargain price.

Facility information

Manned station
Manned station
There are station attendants.
It is outside a ticket gate
Baggage temporary custody possibility
Baggage temporary custody possibility
It is 300 yen per 1baggage a day
Parking lot
Parking lot
Suzaka station square parking
(pay-by-the-hour contract on a monthly-fixed amount)
Apartment mansion shop SUZAKA shop
TEL: 026-214-2711
AED setting
AED setting
Bicycle parking lot
Bicycle parking lot

Traffic information

The groud entrance to the ticket gate
We install elevator for barrier-free
The ticket gate to platform
We install elevator for barrier-free

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information

Route bus

Number, the line name Route
1.Yamada Onsen Line (1) Suzaka Station - Haramiya - Yamada Onsen
(2) Suzaka Station - maki - Yamada Onsen ※There are 2 lines.
2.Seni line Suzaka Station - Yukkurando - Seni ※Some buses do not go through "Yukkurando"
3.Yonago Line Suzaka Station - Shiono - Yonago Fudouson
4.Kita-ainoshima line Suzaka Station - Asahigaoka Danchi - Toyoshima-cho - Kitaainoshima-acho
5.Myoutoku Danchi line Suzaka Station - Garyu-kouen irigudhi - Bogakudai Danchi - Myoutoku Danchi
5.Yashiro-Suzaka line Suzaka Station - Matsushiro Station - Yashiro Station (Yashiro Line alternate bus)
8.Yashima, Suzaka Line Suzaka Station - Inoue - Yashima - M wave - Takada - Nagano Station

Express bus


TEL: 026-245-0351

Information around Nagano Station

Public facilities

The highlight

  • Tanaka head family Museum
    Museum TEL which conveys business magnate following from the Edo era, life culture of the Tanaka head family in now: 026-248-8008 bus (Seni line, Yonago Line) five minutes "Minamiharamachi west" getting off or a 25-minute walk
  • Garyu park
    It is "resting dragon park" getting off or 25-minute walk for "resting dragon park entrance" getting off or bus (Akinori housing complex line) five minutes for famous spot of cherry tree bus (Seni line, Yonago Line) five minutes which was chosen as 100 selections of Japanese cherry trees
  • SUZAKA classical music Museum
    In building of the early period of Meiji, store kimono, glass, ceramics donated than Takashi Okanobu of Japanese painter; display TEL: 026-246-6474
  • Kasaboko hall dream hall
    It is display TEL with large ornamental parasol for a festival and stand going round for the summer festival "Gion festival" of SUZAKA: A 5-minute walk from 026-246-7100
  • Yamada Onsen
    Hot-spring village of Minamishiga along Matsukawa Valley. There is day trip bath facility, too. Bus (Yamada Onsen Line) 40 minutes "Yamada Onsen" getting off
  • Seni hot spring
    Bus (Seni line) 30 minutes "Seni" getting off
  • Hot springs "Yukkuland"
    22 kinds, 26 baths. One-day spa facility TEL which unhurried break and meal can enjoy: "Hot water tsu storehouse ndo train, bus set coupon" that round-trip ticket of 026-248-6868 train, bus, bathing ticket were bundled is now on sale!
  • Waterfall of House of Fudoji, Yonago depths no, Yonago
    Car one hour + 30-minute walk
  • Yonago God of Fire Yoneko Hombo Takiyama Fudoji
    it takes 15 minutes by bus.
  • Minenohara Heights
    Car 40 minutes
  • Gomi Pond bargeboard plateau nature garden
    Car 50 minutes
  • Toyooka dam
    Car 20 minutes
  • Sugadaira Kogen
    Car 30 minutes