Station information [Tsusumi Station]

tsusumi TSUSUMI


Basic information

Tsusumi Station
The location 472-4, Tsusumi, Kamitakai-gun Obuse-machi
Phone number -
The business starting date October 11, 1928 (Showa 3)
Remarks Unmanned station

Facility information

An automatic ticket vending machine.
An automatic ticket vending machine.
Please purchase a ticket with an automatic vending ticket machine.

Traffic information

Entrance to ticket gate
It is a wheelchair-accessible station.

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information


TEL: 026-247-2555

Information around Nagano Station

The highlight

  • Gansyoin-Temple
    There is figure of large Chinese phoenix of Hokusai Katsushika product. The force overwhelms beholder. We walk in chestnut field and apple field and are pleasant promenade via the side of storehouse in people homesite. TEL: A 20-minute walk from 026-247-5504 (we have access to "the House of Iwamatsu" for means such as rent-a-bicycle, shuttle bus, taxi from Obuse Station of neighboring station.)
  • Teapot collection cha*an
  • Historical Museum (TSUSUMI alley)