Station information [Zenkoji-Shita Station]

zenkojishita ZENKOJISHITA


Basic information

Zenkoji-Shita Station
The location 7-919-2, Miwa, Nagano-shi
Phone number 026-232-2509
The business starting date June 28, 1926 (Taisho 15)

To go to "Zenkoji-temple", please turn left after leaving a ticket gate. Then, go up to a left-side exit to ground.

Zenkoji-Shita Station started a business with opening between NAGANO electric railroad SUZAKA - GONDO as entrance hall Station of Zenko-ji east approach to a shrine on June 28, 1926 (Taisho 15). After having become Nagano Electric Railway station with company merger on September 30, the same year, on March 1, 1981 (Showa 56), continuation of Nagano-shi city area intercrossed, and it was with construction in rare basement Station as local city.
In Nagano Electric Railway, we decided to make the side of underground passage fresco with design in total at opportunity of the Hokuriku Shinkansen extension opening of business and Zenko-ji exposition and asked for design to students of "Oka school total design academy". Wall surface design which we expressed was completed, and, on March 31, 2015 (Heisei 27), beauty of scenery of trip from Zenko-ji along the line was released by print style.

Facility information

Manned station
Manned station
There are station attendants.
It is inside of a ticket gate.
Baggage temporary custody possibility
Baggage temporary custody possibility
It is 300 yen per 1baggage a day

Traffic information

The ground entrance to platform
There are stairs.
There is not setting a ramped entrance.

Because there is a case to be a big step between platform and a train, please be careful when you get on/off a train. If you need an assistance, feel free to ask to station attendats.

Transfer information

Route bus

Number, the line name Route
1.East Nagano Hospital Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Tokuma Nishi - East Nagano Hospital
2.Sansai Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Sansai Station - Yanagihara
3.Asakawa-nishijo Line Nagano Station - Gondo - Uki - Wakatsuki Danchi - Asakawa-nishijo
12.Yoshimura, Mure Line Nagano Station - Hongo Station - Uki - Yoshida - Wakatsuki agricultural cooperative - Yoshimura - Mure


TEL: 026-245-0351

Information around Nagano Station

Public facilities

The highlight

  • Zenkoji Temple
    Zenkoji Temple is famous as a large temple which is constracted of Daikanjin, Daihongan, and 39 minor Zen temples. "We are led by cow, and visit to Zenkoji" is famous nationwide. The main image(original statue) is usually hidden and it is shown to the public once a 7 years for a few weeks. A 10-minute walk.
  • Nagano Shinano Museum
    A 10-minute walk
  • higashisan*ikan
    A 10-minute walk
  • Shiroyama Zoo
    A 20-minute walk