Nagano Electric Railway train, bus, station advertisement

Traffic advertisement

Train advertisement

  • ・Snow monkey advertisement plan Train inside of car hanging advertisementThe details are this
  • ・Advertising poster poster
  • ・Face value poster
  • ・Stickers

The details are this

Bus taxi advertisement

Lapping bus
  • ・Lateral lamella
  • ・Apron advertisement
  • ・Lapping advertisement
  • ・Taxi advertisements

The details are this

Station advertisement

Station concourse advertisement
  • ・Put station; poster
  • ・Pillar roll advertisement
  • ・Station plan signboards

The details are this



"The NAGANO" insertion

Information various commencing with the highlight, traffic information along Nagano Electric Railway Line running through Daichi of refreshing north Shinshu to entertainment of each municipality, side trip information is original magazines clogged up of popularity tightly. The occasional seasonal special feature is worth seeing, too.

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Advertisement commission

Trout medium

Trout medium advertisement
  • ・TV, radio CM
  • ・Newspaper ad
  • ・Magazine advertisements

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Print (publication) thing

  • ・Brochure
  • ・Flyer
  • ・Posters

The details are this

Outdoor advertising

Jusco roof advertising tower
  • ・Outdoor large signboard
  • ・Neon sign
  • ・Indoor signatures

The details are this