News Release

It releases this year! Advantageous "12 months attending school commuter pass!" Railway:

It is news that is nice to students. It releases "12 months attending school commuter pass" this year. Please use advantageous commuter pass by unit in the year.

Release section: All Nagano Electric Railway (railroad) sections  ※Section of the "home nearest station" ... "school nearest station"

Term of validity: 12 months  

※Regardless of issue date, it is effective until from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

(term of validity is fixed)

Fare: 20% discount of sum that we made attending school commuter pass fare 12 times for one month

  Specifically, please see attending school commuter pass traveler fare table (PDF) for 12 months. 

Release period: From March 29, 2017 to April 30, 2017 (in the case of continuation, it releases from March 18)

Release station: Each window of Nagano Station, Suzaka Station, Shinshu-Nakano Station 

(at 3 station windows, the use of "credit card" is possible for the purchase of commuter pass, too.)

Refund policy As a general rule, we cannot refund.

But, in the case of unavoidable circumstances, we do the handling of refund.

Specifically, ask station employee beforehand.


(1) "Attending school certificate" of school issuance or "attending school commuter pass purchase combined use certificate" is necessary for the purchase.
 (when "attending school commuter pass purchase combined use certificate" is not issued only for * new pupil after entrance ceremony, it releases by the presentation of student handbook.)

(2) There is no setting of infant fare.

(3) After it is past release period; cannot purchase.

(4) On the purchase, please find matter necessary for "purchase application for exclusive use of 12 months commuter pass" of release station equipment after entry at release station.

(5) We cannot purchase with "automatic ticket machine" which commuter pass of Nagano Station setting can purchase.

※Congestion of station window is expected in the beginning of April (the day of the opening ceremony in particular and the entrance ceremony). It is purchase itadakukotoooosusumeshimasu early.