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It is rosy, and ... "nakano rose festival" round-trip ticket releases days before ... hit! Railway:

Annual "nakano rose festival" is held this year in Ippongi, Nakano-shi Park.

In Nagano Electric Railway, it releases advantageous ticket including fee for entering kindergarten of rose festival and,
On Saturday and Sunday during period, it stops at "Nakano-Matsukawa Station" that is the nearest station of Ippongi Park by limited express train!

◆nakano rose festival round-trip ticket
・Release period: From Saturday, May 27, 2017 to Sunday, June 11, 2017
・Release amount of money: It varies according to departure station.
 A type: 1,600 yen between Nagano Station - Yanagihara Station
 B type: 1,200 yen between Murayama Station - Kita-Suzaka Station
 C type: Obuse Station - Sakurasawa Station interval     800 yen
   〃 :Yudanaka Station - Kamijo Station interval     〃
 ※There is no setting for primary schoolchild for junior high student.
・Currency section: 1 roundtrip from Nagano Station - Sakurasawa Station interval, each station between Yudanaka Station - Kamijo Station to "Shinshu-Nakano Station" or "Nakano-Matsukawa Station."
・Validity: It is only for the day of the release
・Express fare: Include
・Stopover: Future invalidity
・Privilege: It includes fee for entering kindergarten of nakano rose festival meeting place

◆Limited express train temporariness stop to Nakano-Matsukawa Station
・Target day: On Saturday, May 27, 2017, it is six days of Sunday for 11 days on Saturday for ten days on Sunday for four days on Saturday, June 3 on Sunday for 28 days
・Target train: A limited express, B limited express at Yudanaka Station 16:43, Express YUKEMURI - Nonbiri Train ...

Timetable (rose festival) .pdf for HP

Nakano-shi rose festival formula HP