News Release

About "NAGADEN beer train" status [August 24 update] Railway:

Sorry to have kept you waiting! We operate "NAGADEN beer train" this year!

[giraffe Whitehorse barrel filling highball] of the first appearance becomes served without limit in addition to [Kirin Ichiban Shibori premium] having favorable reception every year this summer, too!

"Gold dragon Chinese restaurant" was specially made and offered beer train original Chinese food menu to attendant of liquor.

Let's drink by train in this summer! We look forward to your application!

◆Vehicle    Go to 1000 system and is impossible
◆Service day    [July] 7th Friday <it has been available>, 12th Wednesday <it has been available>
           14th Friday <it has been available>, 19th Wednesday <it has been available>
           21st Friday <it has been available>, 26th Wednesday <it has been available>
           28th Friday <it has been available>

        [August] 2nd Wednesday <it has been available>, 4th Friday <it has been available>
            9th Wednesday <it has been available>, 18th Friday <it has been available>
           23rd Wednesday <it has been available>,
25th Friday <the crowdedness>
           30th Wednesday <a little the remainder>
        [September] Service this season last for daily Friday <the crowdedness>, six days on Wednesday <! Under great admiration acceptance!>
         ※Please inquire for detailed status.

◆Service section and timetable
        [outward trip] At NAGANO 18:33 → At GONDO 18:35
                       →At SUZAKA 19:00 → Arrival at OBUSE 19:07
        [return journey] At OBUSE 19:48 → Arrival at SUZAKA 19:54
                       →Arrival at GONDO 20:17 → Arrival at NAGANO 20:21
◆Rental fee     Of 3300 yen per person male woman of 3600 yen per person (tax-included) (tax-included)
         ※Under primary schoolchild - 20 years old 1,800 yen (tax-included)
◆Ride capacity    Up to 128 (30 minimum passenger count)
◆Offer contents    All-you-can-drink: Draft beer (Kirin Ichiban Shibori premium)
              Giraffe Whitehorse barrel filling highball
◆Snacks    Beer train original menu of "gold dragon Chinese restaurant"

◆About reservation
 Reception desk point    Nagano Station 026(226) 2681
         Gondo Station 026(232) 3517
         Suzaka Station 026(245) 0317
         Transport Section 026(248)6000 <weekdays 9: 00~17: only as for 30>

When we arrive in detail, please see this.