News Release

We notify Shinshu DC holding memory sticker Railway:

We notify commemorative sticker to limited express vehicle in Nagano Electric Railway on holding Shinshu destination campaign (we say "Shinshu DC" as follows.).

Design Al bear illustration for logo and Shinshu DC of Shinshu DC,
We put logo of limited express vehicle together.

We are going to notify 12 pieces in total, but only one piece of logo of those notifies different sticker.
Please look for which limited express train you are put on.

1.Notice period from Friday, July 7, 2017 to Saturday, September 30
        (we notify sequentially from * July 7.)

2."Go, and notice point 1000 system is impossible": The 1.4 car top door side

        2100 system "Snow monkey:" The second car door side

3."Sticker which we notify on limited express vehicle as of others of the 60th anniversary of the limited express service start"
        We put to sequentially and perform change for.

Sticker image is Shinshu DC memory sticker. Please see pdf.