News Release

200 yen flat as for the back ticket! It releases "suzaka Baru" back ticket! Railway:

Match with "suzaka Baru" held on Wednesday, September 6 and release "suzaka Baru return ticket" in Nagano Electric Railway! For all of you (*) participating in "suzaka Baru", back train is available for flat 200 yen (we include limited express ticket).

(*) Person having "advance ticket" of "suzaka Baru" is best as for what can purchase "back ticket".

In addition, of "back ticket" at the time of return as cannot purchase, please be careful. Specifically, please see the following contents.

☆ What is "suzaka Baru?" 

By event held around restaurant in front of Suzaka Station, we reach the seventh in this year. 51 shops participate in total.

Please purchase "suzaka Baru" ticket beforehand (there is release on the day, too). Including method for purchase in detail to "suzaka Baru formula Facebook."

☆ How can I buy "suzaka Baru return ticket?"

 ①When you get on for train, you show "advance ticket" at ride station window, and please find "back character". We can purchase one piece of limit per person. (when you cannot purchase "back ticket" at ride station including case of ride from unmanned station, please demand at Suzaka Station when you go down.)

②When you get on train of return, please show "back ticket" to station employee at Suzaka Station.

※ When you are back, it does not release at Suzaka Station.

 Release station : Outward trip time ride existence person station (visitor taken by unmanned station, please demand at Suzaka Station.)

 Fare  : Flat 200 yen (we include limited express ticket)    

 Sale date : Limit on that day is effective on Wednesday, September 6, 2017