News Release

[9/13 update] We sense bodily walk extra ... on foot aimlessly! Late-night NAGADEN basement tunnel - held decision! Railway:

It is extra of walk series aimlessly!
"We sense bodily walk extra ... on foot aimlessly! Holding of late-night NAGADEN basement tunnel ... was decided!

We walk section (Nagano Station - Zenkoji-Shita Station interval) of Nagano Line under the ground after the last train and hold event around each station. You reach the 36th year from opening, and do you not see scenery to be seen only from train at this valuable opportunity to be released toward the public for the first time in one's eye-level?

We wait for participation of all of you!

◆Date Friday, October 13

◆Walk place Nagano Electric Railway basement tunnel

◆Meeting place Nagano Station wicket (reception hours from 22:50 to 23:20)

◆Fee one 4,000 yen (it includes ticket and insurance participation charges between Nagano Station - ZENKOJISHITA)

◆30 offer capacity (ten minimum passenger count)

◆Reception desk start Monday, September 11 9:00 a.m. ...
     [we accepted because of favorable reception on Wednesday, September 13 and were finished.]

I would like reservation beforehand. Specifically, it is walk extra handbill aimlessly. Please see pdf.