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We operate "NAGADEN wine train" this year! Railway:

"Wine train" which had great popularity travels this year last year! We rediscover charm along the line with competition of winery along the line for wine drink and specially made dish of "Roge a terbulldog"!

We offered wine of vicinity of Nagano Electric Railway winery - four companies more than ten kinds this year. You can enjoy while competing in drink of wine. In addition, we offered dish of wine train original which used local ingredients from "Roge a terbulldog" abundantly.

Limited express vehicle is the inside of car of "we go and are impossible", and please thoroughly enjoy a fun "time" at autumn night to deepen, and to go.

◆Service day 
October: 27th Friday [full thanks]
November: It is Friday for 24 days on Wednesday for 22 days on Friday for 17 days on Friday for ten days on Thursday for two days
December: On daily Friday, it is Friday for 22 days on Wednesday for 20 days on Friday for 15 days on Friday for eight days 

[outward trip] At NAGANO 18:33 → Arrival at OBUSE 19:07 (it stops at Obuse Station for 40 minutes)

[return journey] At OBUSE 19:48 → Arrival at NAGANO 20:21
 (it stops at Gondo Station, Suzaka Station on the way.)

◆Rental fee
Adult: Under 4,500 yen (tax-included) 20 years old: 2,250 yen (tax-included)

We offered dish using local ingredients which matched wine from "Roge a terbulldog".
Kusu winery, takayashiro farm, St.Cousair, wine of perception Teena Rie dzo are served without limit.
※Number is limited, and some wine may become out of stock on the way. Thank you for your understanding.
※We offer grape juice of each winery.

Please make a reservation by 15:00 of the day before on service day.

Nagano Electric Railway Transport Section (TEL026-248-6000)
Nagano Station (TEL026-226-2681)
Please refer to Suzaka Station (TEL026-245-0317).

Wine train special homepage was released! As for the details, please see homepage.