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[commemorative ticket information] New Year-limited design! About NAGADEN unlimited ride ticket (for 1st) release Railway:

In Nagano Electric Railway, basic "NAGADEN unlimited ride ticket" (for 1st) becomes design on the New Year only in three days from January 1, 2018.

Gorgeous hue like New Year holidays and popular vehicle arranged "we went to 1000 system and are impossible",

It is D form hard ticket with mount.

Being actually available only on the first three days of a new year ※It is very rare commemorative ticket.

At this opportunity, please use.

For more information:

※We could not have the real use, but pushed datemark on "January 1, 2018" in memory

We sell ride bike-race ticket by mail order. This application acceptance starts from December 25, 2017

We do. For more details, please confirm product page.

★★★It is "child ride for free day" for 1.2.3 day in January★★★

 Primary schoolchildren can use train free.

 With this, please note that this ticket does not have setting of [children].