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News of express bus "Hakuba - Shiga Kogen Line" new service NAGADEN group

ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd. (the head office: Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, president: Yoichi Misawa) and Nagaden Bus (the head office: Nagano-shi, Nagano, president: Takakuni Yumoto) receive problem submission of the transport capacity reinforcement accompanied with inbound increase from Hokuriku Shinetsu Department of Transportation NAGANO transportation branch office, and they start service of express bus "Hakuba - Shiga Kogen line" which joint, binds Hakuba-mura and Yamanouchi-machi together directly from (plan) on January 22, 2018.

 In Hakuba-mura and Snow monkey park, Shiga Kogen interval, it was necessary to change limited express "Hakuba Nagano Line" of ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd. and express "Shiga Kogen line" of Nagaden Bus until now, but by establishment of this line without transfer between both areas become movable. We expect much use of domestic and foreign customers who can come to Hakuba-mura and Shiga Kogen by ski and sightseeing. In addition, we are happy if we can carry one end of inbound attracting tourist promotion in Nagano by providing new moving service to link popular two major Snow resorts globally.

 We will wrestle in order to provide service that "security, relief" "is comfortable" to many of you visiting Shinshu by ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd. and Nagaden Bus from now on. New express bus "Hakuba - Shiga Kogen Line" thank you for your cooperation.

The line name

 Express bus Hakuba - Shiga Kogen Line

 Service period (plan)

  Every day of from Monday, January 22, 2018 to Wednesday, February 28

 (we submit permission application of riding together passenger transport to NAGANO transportation branch office on December 19, 2017)

The service number of times

 2 roundtrips a day

Service company

 ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd., Nagaden Bus

Service timetable

≪Going to Shiga Kogen≫

 At Hakuba every quarter bus terminal 8:45 → Snow monkey park 10:45 → Arrival at Hasuike 11:15

 At Hakuba every quarter bus terminal 9:45 → Snow monkey park 11:45 → Arrival at Hasuike 12:15

≪Going to Hakuba≫

 At Hasuike 12:40 → Snow monkey park 13:00 → Arrival at Hakuba every quarter bus terminal 15:10

 At Hasuike 14:10 → Snow monkey park 14:30 → Arrival at Hakuba every quarter bus terminal 16:40

Fare (one way)

 It is adult 3,900 yen child 1,950 yen Hakuba every quarter bus terminal ⇔ Snow monkey park

 Hakuba every quarter bus terminal ⇔ Hasuike :Adult 4,400 yen child 2,200 yen

Reservation, reference (as for the reservation only in WEB)

 [WEB site] Departure orainetto, Japan Bus Online