News Release

About administration change of Nakano station square parking Parking

Thank you for always using Nakano station square parking.

We will change our parking to parking lot for exclusive use of contract on a monthly-fixed amount and partner facility from Wednesday, December 20, 2017. With it of time parking please note that cannot use.

1.Contract on a monthly-fixed amount commuter pass parking

  ・Monthly basis one 5,000 yen (tax-included) all day (the public) available for regular Iride place

  ・Monthly basis one 4,000 yen (tax-included) all day (P & R) available for regular Iride place

  ※Customer of the purchase applies Nagano Electric Railway train commuter pass to P & R (park & ride) rate at the same time


2.Partner facility

  ※On the partner facility use, have stationed-in-bike-race ticket by all means, and show stationed-in-bike-race ticket in each facility; and Sir

   Accept screw.

≪List of partner facilities≫

Hartnett related facility

 ♦Hartnett SHINSHUNAKANO (house for elderly people with service)

 ♦Hartnett Nakano (day service)

 ♦Hartnett Nakano annex (day service)

 ♦Station square health puraza

 ♦mezo forute Nakano (day services such as after school)

Shinshu-Nakano Station building tenant

 ♦SHINSHUNAKANO law office

 ♦Yakult Beautiens beauty treatment salon Nakano

 ♦MS Shinshu company

 ♦SECOM JOSHINETSU Co., Ltd. Nakano Office

 ♦Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. Nakano city Branch

 ♦NAGADEN sightseeing Nakano Branch


Please refer if you have any questions.

Nagano Electric Railway administration of property part administration of property section TEL026-232-8129