News Release

"NAGADEN local sake train" service decision! Railway:

With "sake brewery Japanese food of competition for sake bookmaking and YUDANAKA "GOEN" of recommend" along the line a time of supreme bliss.

Service of "NAGADEN local sake train" (2018 storehouse difference) was decided!

Limited express vehicle, please enjoy sake of "recommending sake brewery" that sake brewery along Nagano Electric Railway brewed in the inside of car of "we go, and it is impossible". Dishes provide fish dishes or meat dishes in substitute from "GOEN" of YUDANAKA in week. For more details, please see flyer or poster.

Warehouseman and the staff of each sake brewery take "NAGADEN local sake train" together, and it is this year that you can enjoy charm of sake more by adding explanation of sake.

In loose limited express vehicle, we take "a time" to enjoy sake and cooking!

◆ Service day Friday, March 2, 2018, 16th Friday, 23rd Friday, 30th Friday

        Friday, April 6, 2018, 11th Wednesday, 17th Tuesday, 25th Wednesday    

◆ Timetable  

    At March [outward trip] NAGANO 18:33 → Arrival at OBUSE 19:07

       [return journey] At OBUSE 19:48 → Arrival at NAGANO 20:21

    At April [outward trip] NAGANO 18:32 → Arrival at OBUSE 19:06

       [return journey] At OBUSE 19:37 → Arrival at NAGANO 20:06

        ※You can take on the way from Gondo Station, Suzaka Station.

        As timetable varies according to service months, please be careful. 

◆ Of 4000 yen per person rate man-related woman of 4200 yen per person (tax-included) (tax-included) 

       ※Minor 2,100 yen (tax-included)

◆ About service of one time of contents, various local sake is provided by two sake breweries!          

       Imai brewing shop (Nagano-shi), Matsubaya Head Office (Obuse-machi), Takasawa brewing (Obuse-machi)

       Circle world brewing shop (Nakano-shi), Tamamura Head Office (Yamanouchi-machi)

        ※Some sake is limited in number and may be out of stock.  

       On the use, we hope that you make a reservation beforehand.

       Sake brewery to provide, food type are this → H29 degree local sake train. Please see pdf.

◆ Reference Nagano Electric Railway Transport Section ☎026-248-6000 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30)

               Nagano Station ☎026-226-2681 

               Suzaka Station ☎026-245-0317