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With "aimlessly walk in Nakano - Buddha and Bodhisattva Great Teacher ..." held decision! Railway:

[temple enshrining the Goddess of Mercy Kannondo]
[temple enshrining the Goddess of Mercy Kannondo]

It is the walk series fourth aimlessly!
Of "aimlessly walk in Nakano - Buddha and Bodhisattva and Great Teacher ..." holding was decided!

Village, Nakano of Imperial demesne is dotted with many venerable Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. We take a walk through unknown spot breathing with the history of Nakano including temple enshrining the Goddess of Mercy Kannondo made with nanteriji and cascade (kengai) in Higashiyama which were said to be "Kawahigashi Zenko-ji".

We look forward to your participation.

◆Date Saturday, June 16, Saturday, June 23, Saturday, June 30 (three times holding in total: rainy weather decisive action)

◆History walk (around Higashiyama district) of walk underground field city area

◆Guide Akinori Godo (resident in Nakano-shi Nakano-shi Council for the Protection of Cultural Properties chairperson)

◆Meeting place Nakano-Matsukawa Station 9:55 meeting

◆Fee one 1, 600 yen (it includes round-trip ticket, limited express ticket to Nakano-Matsukawa Station and clay idol museum admission of Japan, insurance participation charges)

◆20 offer capacity once (six minimum passenger count)

◆Until 17:00 on at point in time when it reached in 20 reception desk deadline or the day before last

◆In addition, to Nakano-Matsukawa Station, "local train SHINSHUNAKANO line at Nagano Station 8:57" is convenient when you come from the NAGANO area!
      (please change to local train YUDANAKA line in terminal SHINSHUNAKANO. Arrival at Nakano-Matsukawa Station 9:51)

I would like reservation beforehand. We start reservation on May 31. For more details, please see this flyer.