News Release

[NAGADEN wellness] ☆☆ We hold the third starlit sky walking ☆☆ NAGADEN group

We always use "NAGADEN swimming school" "fittonesukurabuefubaie"

Thank you for having.

"Starlit sky walking" that held for the first time two years ago, and had favorable reception very much

We will hold this year!

"Starlit sky walking" "bond with beginning lack of exercise cancellation and friend by walking"

Leave Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Station for theme at 0:00 a.m., friendly course

20km to Obuse Station, challenge course 35km to Yudanaka Station by team

It is event to go the distance on foot while cooperating.

Usual times which wants to deepen bond with person who wants to relieve lack of exercise, family and friend more,

And we look forward to person who wants to make memories of summer vacation, participation!


1.Vicinity of event name third Nagano Electric Railway starlit sky okingu in Kitashinano

2.Held date and time Sunday, July 29, 2018 0:00 a.m. start

          (in the reception desk from Saturday, July 28 23:00)

3.Course (2 course)

  ☆ Friendly course : Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Station - Obuse Station 20km

  ☆ Challenge course  : Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Station - Yudanaka Station 35km

4.Participation qualification

 (1) One where is higher than fourth grader

   ※In the one where is lower than ninth grader, protector needs that it is accompanied by all trips.

 (2) Person who can participate more than two people by less than 4 teams

5.Entrance fee (per person)

  ☆Member adult: 3,000 yen child: 2,500 yen

  ☆General one adult: 3,500 yen child: 3,000 yen

6.Prize for participation

  (1) We present original T-shirt to all the one that participated!

  (2) We present "certificate of merit" to all the one finished walking!

7.Deadline for application Thursday, June 28, 2018

8.Attach entrance fee of all the members to application method nearest "NAGADEN swimming school" each school


9.Contact information

  The starlit sky walking executive committee secretariat

  Telephone: 026-234-1514 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 to 21:00 except holiday)


  For more details, this (PDF file)