News Release

"NAGADEN beer train" service decision! Railway:

H30 beer train flyer full version. jpgSorry to have kept you waiting!

We operate "NAGADEN beer train" this year!

"NAGADEN beer train" of this summer provides [Yebisu Beer] and [black Yebisu] with all-you-can-drink!
You can enjoy half & halves by customer's way of drinking to preference.

We offered beer train specially made lunch than [Roge a terbulldog] to attendant of liquor.

We toast by train in this summer!

We look forward to your reservation!

◆Go to vehicle 1000 system and is impossible
◆Service day [July] 4th Wednesday <it is full>, 6th Friday
          11th Wednesday, 13th Friday
          18th Wednesday, 20th Friday
          25th Wednesday, 26th Thursday, 27th Friday <it is full>

       [August] Daily Wednesday, 2nd Thursday 3rd Friday <it is full>
           8th Wednesday, 9th Thursday <it is full>, 10th Friday
          22nd Wednesday, 24th
          29th Wednesday, 31st Friday

◆Service section and timetable
      [outward trip] At NAGANO 18:32 → At GONDO 18:34 → At SUZAKA 19:00 → Arrival at OBUSE 19:06
      [return journey] At OBUSE 19:37 → Arrival at SUZAKA 19:43 → Arrival at GONDO 20:03 → Arrival at NAGANO 20:06

◆Of 3400 yen per person rate man-related woman of 3700 yen per person (tax-included) (tax-included)
       ※Under primary schoolchild - 20 years old 1,800 yen (tax-included)
◆Up to 128 ride capacity (30 minimum passenger count)
◆Offer contents are served without limit: Draft beer (Yebisu Beer, black Yebisu)
◆Beer train specially made lunch of snacks "Roge a terbulldog"

◆About reservation
 Reception desk point Nagano Station 026(226) 2681
       Suzaka Station 026(245) 0317
       Transport Section 026(248)6000 <weekdays 9: 00~17: only as for 30>