News Release

[7/31 update! Railroad goods information] TOMIX "four 1000 system go impossible set" [thanks sold out] Railway:

7/31 update

Thanks to you, yukemuriha which we offered as our minute of TOMIX1000 origin

It became sold out.

Thank you.

In addition, display (unopened) which we used for this sale in this later event

There is possibility to release this.

We are going to place event information in our homepage at any time.

Nagano Electric Railway will, please in future.


7/27 update

Go to favorable reception TOMIX1000 system having and is very impossible,

Stock of Suzaka Station became sold out.

It becomes the handling only at Nagano Station now.

As stock is few, forgive on out of stock.


From railroad model "TOMIX" which Tomytec deals with,

Our "(S1 formation) that we go to 1000 system, and it is impossible to do" is released!

S1 formation was released in TOMIX in 2007, but progressed to be commercialized about popularity again.

It is vehicle which is quite popular in 1000 system yukemuriha, us.

Some prices are high, but are ... model made very precisely.

It is received with a limitation of amount in us and releases!

≪Brand name >> TOMIX "four cars set which we go to 1000 system, and it is impossible to do"

≪Sale date >> Saturday, July 7, 2018

≪Price >> 10,600 yen (tax-included)

≪Release point >> Nagano Station, Suzaka Station

≪Purchase privilege≫

 We give limit, "purchase certificate" toward the purchase in Nagano Electric Railway!

≪The sale number≫

 It is ten for our sale

 ※It is five Nagano Station, sale of five Suzaka Station.

 ※We do not make advance reservations. It becomes sale on first-come-first-served basis.

 ※It should be sale to one about 1 account per person.

 ※Certificate of purchase privilege lifts one piece because of 1 product.