News Release

<annual> We started offer of autumn expression of gratitude trip! Trip

Receptionist of "trip to special expression of gratitude of NAGADEN autumn" who had favorable reception began every year.

Staying of this year is hot spring resort among nature, Yamagata Atsumi Onsen "ten thousand countries shop" of the founding 300 rest of life.

Garden size open-air bath where seasonal flavor is keenly aware of and dishes which we used local seasonal ingredients for luxuriously,

It is accommodation which going up of salmon is seen in Atsumigawa drifting to in front of inn, and is very attractive.

Again on the second day place of connection of "Oku no Hosomichi" of Basho Matsuo,

"Mogami River Basho line ship descent" upsets.

Please thoroughly enjoy emotional scenery to show from the ship top while listening to sailor's song of boatman.

Please examine trip with friend and work friends.

For more details, please see this.