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"NAGADEN wine train" service decision! (10/29 information update) Railway:

October 29 information update!

Internet reservation started, too! (please from


winetrain.jpgSorry to have kept you waiting!

We operate "NAGADEN wine train" this year!

We provide dishes which used ingredients which are more from Nagano than competition for wine drink and "circle berry delicatessen & cafe" more than four vicinity of NAGADEN wineries, ten kinds abundantly!

We look forward to your reservation! Look at this flyer (PDF) in addition.

◆Go to vehicle 1000 system and is impossible
◆Service day [November] 2nd Friday, 9th Friday
          14th Wednesday, 16th Friday
          22nd Thursday, 28th Wednesday, 30th Friday

       [December] 7th Friday, 14th Friday
          21st Friday

◆Service section and timetable
      [outward trip] At NAGANO 18:32 → At GONDO 18:34 → At SUZAKA 19:00 → Arrival at OBUSE 19:06
      [return journey] At OBUSE 19:37 → Arrival at SUZAKA 19:43 → Arrival at GONDO 20:03 → Arrival at NAGANO 20:06

◆Rate adult 4,500 yen (tax-included) 
       Under 20 years old 2,250 yen (tax-included)
◆Up to 120 ride capacity (30 minimum passenger count)
◆Offer contents are served without limit: Four vicinity of NAGADEN wineries  
      St.Cousairtakayashiro farmKusu wineryPerception Teena Rie dzo
      Wine more than ten kinds from this
※Number includes limit to some wine. Thank you for your understanding.       

◆Wine train specially made lunch of snacks "circle berry delicatessen & cafe"

◆About reservation
 Reception desk point Nagano Station 026(226) 2681
       Suzaka Station 026(245) 0317
       Transport Section 026(248)6000 <weekdays 9: 00~17: only as for 30>

 Internet reservation started, too! (please from