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[Nagaden Bus] News of NAGANO office jurisdiction route bus timetable revision NAGADEN group

We carry out timetable revision of route bus in Nagano-shi as follows.

 We cause all of you whom there is merely for profit trouble, but hope that we have it be understood.

1.Revised day Saturday, December 22, 2018

2.Review of the service number by lack of reason driver

3.Main revised point

(1) We bring the departure time of rush time in the morning forward for from five minutes to ten minutes and secure service at the appointed hour.

(2) We do with the service number appropriate to the use situation in the daytime.

(3) We bring the departure time of the last bus of the day forward.

4.Line and revised timetable to revise

 Revised line, timetable clicks this, and please see


  Nagaden Bus carryall section 026-295-8008

The above