News of the late-night flight 3 years old line abolition

We abolished with service of departure on the middle of the night of March 31, 2017.
We hope that we have it be understood.


New car of welfare combined use ran and started!

New car of welfare combined use ran from October 1, 2012 and started!

By NAGADEN taxi (NAGANO office), we introduce passenger use, welfare combined use vehicle newly and travel. It is universal design vehicle which pursued easiness of riding from child to old and can use this vehicle which becomes the second case in north sincerity area as normal taxi vehicle let alone ride with wheelchair on.
It does not cost special rate.
Please use.


Under late-night riding together taxi "midnight taxi" favorable reception service!

Under late-night riding together taxi "midnight liner" favorable reception service!

Late-night riding together taxi "midnight liner" (at Nagano Station west exit 0:00) is operating SUZAKA line favorable reception! Of meeting, banquets various for transit from the arrival at JR Nagano Station Shinkansen business trip, leisure is back, and please use!

The details are ⇒ midnight liner


Order of taxi

NAGANO office
TEL: 026-241-3255
SUZAKA office
TEL: 026-245-0351
TEL: 026-247-2555
TEL: 0269-33-3161
TEL: 0269-22-2108
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